Supporting Families and Babies

The Midwife Clinic is a place for women and their families to come to for one to one midwifery care.
Our services are available to all women and their families from across Brisbane. The clinic is a safe quiet place to relax and chat with a registered midwife who can help with informed choices and education about birthing and beyond. We are centrally located in New Farm, Brisbane.
We offer the best in :

Antenatal care, education – Calmbirthing classes, private one to one birth education

  • Home Birth
  • Hospital Birth Support
  • Postnatal visiting services
  • Breastfeeding Support Services
  • Sleep and Settling Techniques

The Midwife Clinic can also weigh and check your newborn baby’s health and wellbeing at regular intervals. We can provide you with advice and guidance on anything birth or baby related.

Parking is easy (on Lamington Street) and the New Farm Park is a hop, skip and a jump away. Toddlers, husbands and grandparents very welcome.

If you are pregnant or less than 6 weeks postnatal your first visit with a midwife at the clinic will be bulk billed.


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The Miracle of Birth


Discover more about The Midwife Clinic services:

Midwife means “With Woman” this is what midwives do best, being with women. Caring for women in pregnancy, birth and beyond.
A midwife can:

  • Provide you with one to one care
  • Provide evidence based information
  • Encourage you to research your requests, queries or questions on birthing practices
  • Answer your questions about your pregnancy
  • Provide support and education for you through your pregnancy
  • Educate and prepare you for your birth in woman centered manner
  • Include your partner, other children or birth support crew in the preparation and education of birth
  • Help you birth your way
  • Provide you with care after birth
  • Support your choices for birth and caring for your baby

0_0_0_0_109_109_csupload_61080824Kahlia & HunterKahlia births quick. It was a day like any other when the call was received.  A dash across town got The Midwife there in time.  One hour from first contraction to holding her new little man, born at 12 midday this baby was in a hurry. Welcomed by his daddy, sister and big brother while the sun was shining on August 2nd 2013


Natasha & Jakob
There was no question that Natasha wanted a home birth for her second baby. She was very determined and by some divine intervention birthed this baby on the day she wanted as his birthday. Soon after midnight on 3rd August 2012 Jakob made his way into the world. With his dad close by and the midwife in the pool to catch him, Jakob wasn’t waiting for anything, not even the second midwife, with his hands on his head he quickly appeared in the water and almost swam to the surface!

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Packages and Prices
Families need different services so I have a number of packages to choose from depending on your requirements. Whether you choose to have a hospital birth or home birth I can provide you with supportive, nurturing care within your home.

My services incorporate birthing techniques (supportive of Hypnobirthing and Calmbirthing) birthing options, planning for your birth journey, planning your home for your baby, breastfeeding support, techniques and breast care, breastfeeding nutrition and eating plans, formula feeding support, technique and correct formula preparation and equipment sterilization and general day to day baby care advice.

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Making Families
Not only did we have two new babies this week, but this beautiful gift arrived at the clinic. I like to call it "Making Families". I need to publicly thank student midwife Brylee Pratt who has worked »
Birth is unpredictable sometimes
Birth is unpredictable sometimes the best laid plans can go beyond what you wanted or expected. Support is the key. Knowlege is also a major key factor when the plans need to change. The more »